While it has certainly taken the PC a lot longer to finally get its hands on Sega's Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, that extra wait doesn't come without its rewards. The publisher announced today that, when the game launches for PC on Jan. 31, it will be with five exclusive racers in tow.

We get that it's no fun to be the last person to show up to the party. Many console gamers have been enjoying Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed since late last year and, in the meantime, PC gamers could only twiddle their thumbs and fantasize about how awesome it would be to launch a jeep off a cliff and squeal with glee as it transforms into a fighter jet in order to continue the race.

But while PC gamers still have nearly two weeks to wait before they can enjoy the racing goodness of All-Stars Transformed they can at least sleep peacefully at night knowing that an additional handful of characters will be added to their game, exclusive to the PC version and hailing from such titles as Team Fortress 2.

All of these additional characters will be available from the moment you boot up Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed on Jan. 31, starting with Shogun from the Total War series. Shogun will be accompanied by the bizarre “Manager Man” from the Football Manager series, which is actually “soccer” for you Yanks in the audience.

But what mascot racing game ported to the PC would be complete without a veritable team of racers from the highly successful Team Fortress 2? You'll have access to three such hitmen, including the Pyro, the Heavy and the Spy.

Jan. 31 is still a little ways off, so here's an action-packed trailer showing off all of those free extra characters in action.

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