Racing on land, sea and in the air has never been so...colorful. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed takes many of Sega's beloved, iconic and cheerfully vibrant characters, tossing them into beautifully crafted multi-terrain racing environments, and a huge assortment of new screenshots have been released to give gamers a good idea of what to expect from the game.

Due out next week for Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PSV and PC, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is the sequel to Sega's original Sonic & All-Stars Racing. The newest game in what could presumably be a long-running franchise, adds in tons of new content, as well as a lot of new playable characters, inventive track designs and wacky transformations. One of the biggest additions to the game has been the online multiplayer, which was a highly requested feature for the original Sonic & All-Stars Racing, but didn't quite make the pinch. This time around, Sega is not only including online play for up to 8 players, but they're also retaining the offline split-screen play as well, so it's a win-win for everyone.

The screenshots give gamers a nice overview of many of the playable cast members, as well as the game's crisp visual flair and colorful art design. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is set for release next week in North America and Europe. The game is set for release at the end of November for the Wii U, and you can learn more by visiting the Official Website.

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