Sonic has confirmed that there are several brand new Sonic games is in the works to coincide with a launch of a new toy line in 2013. The Japanese publishing giant will be unleashing several new digital-only titles as well as a boxed retail game starring everyone's favorite blue hedgehog.

The news comes courtesy of an interview that Toys 'n' Playthings conducted with Sega's European head of brand licensing Sissel Henno [via Videogamer]. Henno stated that...
"Over the next year there will be a big focus on the expansion of [Sonic licensed] toy distribution across Europe,"..."Similarly, we will also be growing the apparel, publishing and stationary categories. We will have several new digital titles launching as well as a new boxed game, so there will be plenty of opportunities to link marketing campaigns across games and merchandise."

Videogamer speculates that the next big boxed version of Sonic won't be Sonic Generations 2, mainly because Sonic Team producer Takashi Iizuka hinted that the original Sonic Generations was a “one-off” to celebrate the years of service the big blue hedgehog has put into making gaming much better place for everyone.

Is it possible that maybe there could be a Sonic Colors 2? Perhaps Sega will release digital titles of Sonic games for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and then unleash a next-gen Sonic title for the Wii U, Xbox 720 or PS4? With rampant speculation that either Microsoft or Sony will launch their new console in 2013, it's not too far fetched to assume that Sega would want to be on the software forefront of next-gen adopters, enabling them to take some early third-party market share value right out of the gate.

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