Sega really is pulling out all the stops for the upcoming 20th anniversary game featuring the fast-as-lightning blue hedgehog, Sonic. On the road to the game’s release, Sega unleashed a brand new epic boss trailer featuring a few new faces as well as many of the classic bosses that helped shape Sonic’s legacy over the years.

The new trailer is composed of many quick snippets of different bosses and a few of their special moves, including Shadow, Eggman’s mech, Silver as well as the evil robot Sonic to name a few.

The game doesn’t just look like it’s shaping up to be a fun ride through some classic stages, it looks like it’ll provide all the challenge and thrills that made the original three games on the Sega Genesis timeless classics.

For those of you who don’t know, the game features two different modes of play with two different Sonics. The Classic Sonic will battle through each of his stages in 2D while the Modern Sonic will face all of his challenges in the third-person 3D view, giving gamers the best of both worlds.

You can look for Sonic Generations to land on the Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS and PC for Steamworks this November. Need more info? Feel free to drop by the Official Website.

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