Sony sure does love to tease. They’ve gotten pretty big on slowly doling out information leading up to a big announcement over the years and, this time around, we’re being taunted with a video that lasts just shy of 20 seconds, announcing “Game Day 2013” for Feb. 1.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Sony’s teaser videos, it’s that assuming will get you absolutely nowhere. However, I’m going to go out on a relatively safe limb here and say that the event, at least in part, will have something to do with the God of War series.

The teaser video features a woman walking along a windswept hill wearing clothes that would feel right at home in one of the God of War games. It also appears that ash is falling from the sky, which would absolutely tie in to our Spartan warrior’s troubled past. We don’t know much about the God of War: Ascension single player campaign yet, save that it dives into Kratos’ past. This teaser trailer certainly seems to fit that bill nicely. Or, we could step even further out onto that limb and guess that there could be a God of War Vita announcement in the works? At this point, I’m just blindly stirring the pot.

Decide for yourself. Just be sure not to blink more than once or you’ll miss the entire thing.

Whatever it’s for, at least we don’t have very long to wait. It appears that Sony’s Game Day 2013 announcements will be made this Friday, Feb. 1. Here’s hoping we get a nice, long look at the year ahead, somewhere along the lines of what Nintendo did last week with their own Nintendo Direct presentation. Only, you know, maybe Sony will announce actual launch windows and show us games that are actually likely to come out sometime in the next 12 months.

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