Thought you could only play Bejeweled on your browser or while waiting for patches to install on Xbox Live? Well, think again. Sony has just entered the one-upsmanship tournament by acquiring five smash-hit titles to the PlayStation Network. Aside from Bejeweled, can you guess which games are coming to PSN?

“As leaders in their genre, PopCap is to casual games what SOE is to MMOs,” said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. “Being the second largest publisher on the PlayStation Network, SOE is excited that this partnership will expand the PlayStation Network catalog with awesome casual titles that players of all types can enjoy.”

H’m, so Mr. Smedley admits that SOE is second-best in the MMO market next to Blizzard? Because honestly, anyone who knows casual games knows that Reflexive and BigFish are closer to number one for providing gamers with casual games than PopCap. But I digress.

The five games coming to the PlayStation Network in addition to Bejeweled 2 happens to be Heavy Weapon, Zuma, Peggle, and Feeding Frenzy. All the games will be upscaled in HD for 1080p quality. Nice. You can look for PopCap games to continually become available in North America at the PlayStation Store. European gamers will have to wait a little while longer for these casual titles to become widely available across the PlayStation Network.

For more info on the games being made available via SOE, feel free to visit the Official Sony Online Entertainment Website. Need more gaming news? Just stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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