E3 is barely two weeks away and gamers are already getting prepared by putting together promotions to help boost the awareness and appeal of their favorite gaming brands. Everyone expecting big surprises from Nintendo, tons of exclusive games from Microsoft and megatons from Sony.

The fanmade video above featuring Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai in Tron Legacy setting, prepping to make an exciting appearance at E3 was spotted by Game On Daily. The video is a hilarious preparatory step in gamers getting geeked for what's deemed as the Superbowl of video games.

The “Megaton disc” that Kaz gets in the video is unbelievably funny, especially when they tell him not to drop it. Ha, it reminds me of Don Mattrick basically heading into E3 on a crashing Hindenburg and coming out of E3 as the captain of the Titanic.

This year, Microsoft will have a new captain at the helm in the form of Phil Spencer. He'll be facing down against Sony's deadly trio of Shuhei Yoshida, Adam Boyes and Mark Cerny. While there have been some alleged “leaks” about what we can expect at this year's show, nothing is for certain but everything is permitted.

As for Sony at E3, everyone is expecting something to blow the socks off gamers for the 2015 fiscal year. The company has been especially tight-lipped about anything beyond their summer line-up, so they have a lot of opportunities to just completely floor gamers, enthusiasts and fanboys alike. Some of the more desperate hopefuls are still holding out for The Last Guardian, a game that seems more ethereal at this point than specters in a Syfy ghost-hunting show.

More than anything, I would really hope we get to see more of PlayStation Now in effect. It's the one ace-in-the-hole against the Xbox that Sony has – an ace that Microsoft has no answer to whatsoever. I imagine someone like Andrew House, SCE's group CEO, will roll out a reasonable pricing scheme for the cloud streaming service that enables PlayStation gamers access to new and old titles alike.

Given the structure of the service I doubt you'll be able to buy games piecemeal, but either way it will definitely be a step up from no backwards compatibility at all (a feature, I might add, that's readily and easily available right out of the box for the Wii U).

As for the big games, we're likely to see plenty of stage demonstrations of games due for a fall release, and target-renders of games due for release in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Pixel counters also better start prepping to count those steps because it's likely we'll be doing a lot of graphics comparisons when actual gameplay footage arrives for some of the upcoming titles.

Anyway, if you want to continue to celebrate Sony's E3 presence, check out this near 15 minute collage of gifs, all compiled together for your viewing pleasure.

E3 2014 gets underway in barely two week's time, with the major conferences commencing on June 9th.

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