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Kazuo Hirai, the chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, may be moving into a larger office soon. A new report states that the 51-year-old executive will become president of Sony Corporation as early as April.

According to a report by Nikkei, Sony's decision on the move will be finalized this month. The current president of Sony, Howard Stringer, will supposedly stay on as chairman and CEO. It's possible that Sony is setting Hirai up to eventually take over all of Stringer's duties, though.

Hirai was first hired by Sony in 1984. He started out at Sony Music Entertainment Japan (then CBS/Sony Inc.) and moved to Sony Computer Entertainment America, the gaming division of the company, in 1995 - around the time that PlayStation One was launched. Sony credits Hirai with "making the PlayStation brand synonymous with exceptional gaming." Hirai became president of the SCEA in 2006. He became president of Sony's entire consumer products division in mid-2011, while also remaining chairman of the SCEA.

Gaming executives are usually only noticed by gamers for bad reasons and Hirai's no exception. Most will remember him from Sony's painful press conference at E3 2006. The presser, seen in the video below, spawned a number of Internet memes including "giant enemy crabs" and "Riiiiiiidge racer!" Trust me, it was a lot funnier back then.

Sony has yet to confirm Hirai's promotion.

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