It's like salt in a wound at this point between Sony and Microsoft and the console war hasn't even started. It's not even really a competition anymore. It's like if Mike Tyson (before he went crazy) started pummeling on a guy who had both hands tied behind his back, a wooden leg and a patch over his eye. It's a massacre.

There was a time when E3 would roll around and we would all question which console manufacturer could unleash the most “OMG I must has that gaem!” conference, but now it's turned into “Will we even be able to play these games without something jammed up our butts?” Thankfully Sony is keeping it clean and pristine, and rolling out the promos like it's all water under the bridge for them.

The promo trailer comes courtesy of GamesFiends and focuses on all the huge line-up of games Sony plans to drop on us like an atom bomb over Hiroshima.

So far, Sony has been playing up their tenacity to pander to the core gaming audience. It's a smart PR move amidst the unbelievably bad press surrounding the Microsoft Xbox One at this point. Should I even bring up the point that MS just canceled their E3 media roundtable discussion to avoid putting anymore flames on the barbecue grill? Whatever they were cooking up is beyond burnt at this point.

On the upside, following the poll numbers indicating disappointment with the Xbox One reveal, Microsoft did make it known that they would do everything in their power at E3 to make the conference all about the more games.

Regardless of games and promo material, I sure hope that Neogaf rocks Microsoft's DRM-laden world like an androgynous heavy rocker from the 1980s at a high-school graduation party in Harrisonburg, Louisiana.

Anyway, Sony's live E3 conference is available from June 10th to June 13th starting next Monday. You can learn more by paying a visit to their official website.

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