Sound Shapes is due to hit the PlayStation Network next Tuesday, meaning everyone is just a few days away from being able to dive into this musical do-it-yourself-platforming game that's nearly impossible to describe. Thanks to this latest level editor video from the developers, however, I can just let the pretty moving pictures speak for themselves.

Mathew Kumar of the Sound Shapes Team recently dropped by the PlayStation Blog to remind everyone that, through Aug. 6, Sound Shapes can be pre-ordered on PlayStation Network. Part of the PSN Play promotion, plopping down your money nice and early will also net buyers a XMB theme for their PS3. Sound Shapes is $15 for normal folks and $11.99 for Plus subscribers, with a single purchase making the game available on both the home console and the PlayStation Vita.

Sound Shapes will come packed with five “Albums,” or groups of levels built around a set of songs made by the likes of deadmau5, Beck and Pixeljam. Beating a level will unlock its components, which is where the real staying power of the game comes in. Players can use whatever sounds and environmental elements they've unlocked to create and share worlds of their own.

Here's a video of developer Jon Mak making that process look way easier than it probably is.

Mak makes a pretty simple level in just a matter of minutes, showing off many of the editor's slick features. A recovering addict of games like LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers, it's not hard to see how creating my own worlds will likely suck dozens of additional hours out of my free time. The ability to share those worlds with other players, and tackle their creations as well, is just icing on the cake.

Look for Sound Shapes to hit PSN next Tuesday. If you need a reminder, just keep an eye out for a sudden lack of posts from yours truly. I'm planning to lose a lot of sleep because of this one.

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