As a licensed game, Spartacus Legends will no doubt have its share of skeptics. The first trailer for the game, based on the Starz series, doesn't do much to dispel those concerns.

Legends allows players to step into the arena themselves. They can play as Spartacus, Crixus or custom characters. You can face off against A.I. or human opponents. Online eaderboards will let you see how you stack up against the other gladiators.

The trailer only shows tiny gameplay snippets. The deathblows look as gory as they should but that's the only compliment I can pay. I'm slightly troubled that only one-on-one duels are shown. I was hoping for some large-scale chaos, like the battle royale at the end of Gods of the Arena.

Kung Fu Factory is developing Legends for a 2013 release on consoles. Ubisoft is serving as publisher.

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