Ubisoft wants both action fans and stealth fans to enjoy Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The latest developer tour video shows three different ways to tackle a segment of the game.

The first playstyle, dubbed "The Ghost," aims to be stealthy and non-lethal. Players can use a flying tri-rotor drone to mark enemies or knock them out with an electric dart. They can also lure enemies to their cover by whistling and silently knock them out. Another stealthy gadget shown here is the sleeping gas grenade that enables quiet takedowns from a distance.

A "Panther" player tries to be stealthy too but doesn't mind spilling some blood. They can creep up behind enemies and slash their throat. These takedowns allow Sam to then mark several targets and execute them in rapid succession with ranged or melee attacks.

The "Assault" playstyle, meanwhile, abandons all subtlety. They might sneak up on an enemy but only so they can use them as a human shield in the inevitable gunfight. Using an enemy as a human shield will earn the player quick executes as well.

A lot of old school Splinter Cell fans take umbrage with the the new action-oriented direction that the series has taken as of late. Ubisoft didn't help the matter by unveiling the game with a Rambo-like gameplay video. They've gone out of their way since then to highlight the stealth elements as well. We'll see if they can manage to convince skeptical veterans.

Blacklist will be released in August.

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