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Amazon UK is now listing a March 29th release date for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Even if that turns out to be false, the retail is still offering up some other juicy information.

March 29th is a Friday. Typically that's the day of the week that games debut in Europe. Friday launches are much less common in the United States, though. If this launch date is accurate, Blacklist would presumably hit the US on the Tuesday before or after it (March 26th or April 2nd).

There's a good chance that this date isn't reliable. Retailers have been known to pull these dates out of their ass. Still, generally a placeholder date is the first or last day of a month. March 29th seems too random to be made up - if that makes sense.

The Amazon listing also includes mentions that pre-order customers will get a free upgrade to the Limited Edition. The LE provides you with exclusive armor, gold-tinted goggles, and a bonus mission. A leaflet, poster, and SteelBook case are also included.

The retailer revealed Blacklist's box art as well. It shows super-spy Sam Fisher, pistol and knife drawn, standing over a hapless soldier.

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