Warner Bros. is planning another game based on the old MAD Magazine comic "Spy Vs. Spy." Today they sent out a teaser image indicating that they're about to revive the franchise.

"I found something over the weekend. It's certainly mysterious, wouldn't you say?" said the email accompanying the teaser image. "It looks like an IP of some kind is returning from a long time away, though it may just be a simple black or white issue. I'm sure there'll be lots of zany action to follow."

"Spy vs. Spy" was a black-and-white comic strip that featured two warring spies. The Black Spy and White Spy would try to kill each other with booby traps. The comic debuted in MAD in 1961 and still runs in the mag to this day.

Throughout the comic's lifespan, there have been several video game adaptations. The most recent game, simply called Spy vs. Spy, was released for the PS2 in 2005. The basic formula stayed the same in every game: players took on the role of Spies and tried to complete their mission before their opponent did the same. They can directly fight other Spies or lay traps fro them.

The teaser image, above, mentions First Star Software, the developers of the three 8-bit Spy vs. Spy games. The logo of another company, Robots and Pencils, is featured as well. According to their website, Robots and Pencils specializes in iPhone and iPad development. Presumably this means that this new Spy vs. Spy game will be available on iOS.

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