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Remember those 10 new IPs Square Enix mentioned that they would be working on? You don’t? Well, it’s nice to pretend that some of the decisions Square makes are decisions best forgotten by the gamers, but I think this tactical maneuver on their part could prove to be a noteworthy business move.

Square and Epic announced that the Japanese publisher has licensed the Unreal Engine 3 for yet-to-be-announced projects. It’s quite obvious the projects make up for part of the 10 new IPs Square wanted to push into the market to reinvigorate their image.

Taka Kawasaki, territory manager of Epic Games Japan commented in the press release, saying…
“It is a pleasure to provide Square Enix with an exceptional game engine that will help them bring thrilling new experiences to legions of fans all over the world,” … “Many Western games have achieved great success with the Unreal Engine, and this milestone reflects the Japanese development community’s trust in our technical prowess. We can’t wait to see how Square Enix fuses the power of Unreal Engine 3 with its beautiful characters, enthralling storylines and fantastic gameplay.”

It was also stated that Epic Games Japan worked with Square Enix locally, providing support to Square for their upcoming projects that are using the Unreal Engine 3. Epic has definitely come a long way from their days of Epic Pinball…remember that? Anyway, now would probably be a good time to start speculating on those 10 new IPs…

Do you think that the new games will be action oriented? Maybe four or five are mobile titles while the rest are bigger budget titles? Maybe a few new JRPGs or Western-style RPGs designed with Japanese flair? Racing games, perhaps? Well, we can speculate quite a bit for now because we won’t know for sure until later into 2012.

To learn more about the Unreal Engine 3 you can pay a visit to the Official Website or to learn more about Square Enix you can pay a visit to their Official Website.

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