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At next year's E3 event in June, Square Enix has big plans for the Luminous Engine-powered Final Fantasy: Agni's Philosophy. The company is apparently planning on unveiling the game for Sony and Microsoft's new consoles according to Square's technology director, Julien Merceron.

In an interview with Final Fantasy Dream, which takes place entirely in French – Merceron hints at the Xbox 720 and PS4 for the official unveiling and/or announcement of Final Fantasy: Agni's Philosophy, as translated by Gematsu, with Merceron saying...
“So, around June of next year, there will indeed be something different around Agni’s Philosophy, which will be presented on, perhaps, different platforms than those which have been used before,”...“I can tell you that it will not run only on PC!”

Let's just put two and two together and get it on with four because obviously, the Luminous Engine is just completely and entirely beyond anything the current gen consoles are capable of running. To put it into perspective, just watch the video below. It's all in real-time. It's not CGI.

With Merceron referencing the PC, he doesn't mean that Final Fantasy: Agni's Philosophy is for PC (although that would be cool if it was) he's referring to what the tech was running on. The Luminous Engine is primed for home consoles but at this year's E3 the Agni's Philosophy demo was running on a single Nvidia 680 GTX powered PC with more than 16GB of RAM. In plain terms, both the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined are barely an eighth of what's required to run the Luminous Engine's Final Fantasy: Agni's Philosophy demo in real-time.

I'm hoping, though, that Microsoft and Sony follow through and actually unveil the consoles this time around. 2013 is already going to be more of the same and I have no idea what they're planning on doing for 2014 but unless they start tapping creative indie sources we've seen and played about all the standard-fare Hollywood blockbuster-wannabes that this generation is capable of producing.