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Some new gameplay footage for Star Fox Guard has surfaced ahead of the launch for the Wii U exclusive, Star Fox Zero. The video is only three minutes long but it covers a match on both the main screen and Wii U GamePad, to give gamers a look at how the strategy title is played.

YouTube outlet and video game news resource NinEverything posted up the three minute gameplay video that gives you a look at the gameplay of the Wii U exclusive. You can check it out below.

Before a match actually starts, players can move and modify different defense mechanisms throughout the base. There are different camera and weapon modifications at the player's disposal, enabling players to change how they battle the intruders. It's the complete opposite of the fast-paced flying and shooting in the standard Star Fox Zero modes.

One of the really interesting things about the defense game is that different enemies have different strengths and weaknesses. For instance, we see that some locker-looking robots with shields are impervious to fire that come straight at them. The only way to beat the robots with the shields is to either blast them from the side or from behind.

The objective is pretty straightforward in Star Fox Guard. Players will need to protect their main core from incoming enemy forces. This requires setting up defense forces around the map that keep out the opposition using strategically placed turrets.

When Shigeru Miyamoto showed off the game along with teasing Star Fox Zero a few years ago, he made it apparent that they wanted the game to be a party game of sorts, where friends and family could sit around and use the multiple screens to help the GamePad user pick out and take down the intruders. That's partially why there are so many screens when playing the game, so that those sitting around watching can participate by lending a hand in the action... or rather, lending an eye.

There's also a second mode in the game that allows players to edit the squads and create all new challenges. You can check out the Squad Editor in the video below that was released alongside the first video above.

The Squad Editor in Star Fox Guard opens up a lot of replayability for the game along with giving gamers something extra to play around with if they happen to get bored with the main game mode. As showcased in the video above, it's possible to customize what sort of enemies invade the base, how many, and which directions they come from.

Previously Nintendo had mentioned that the Squad Editor could be used to create and share scenarios with friends and family alike, giving gamers plenty of reasons to dip back into the game to experience additional challenges created by the community.

Star Fox Guard will be bundled into the pack with Star Fox Zero as a complimentary game to help flesh out the Star Fox experience. Both games will be available together for the Wii U come April 21st.

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