Nintendo finally unveiled the official details on Star Fox Zero, the new title for the Wii U that's due for release this holiday season, exclusively for Nintendo's eighth-gen game console. During Nintendo's E3 direct gamers managed to get some details on the ground, air and transitional combat.

You can see the game in action with the video below, courtesy of GamesHQ Media.

It was explained by designer Shigeru Miyamoto that the GamePad for Star Fox Zero is used for cockpit precision while the television screen is used for the third-person view. With the GamePad, players can use the gyroscope built within the device to look around in the cockpit to aim independent of the direction of the Arwing.

The controls have also been simplified to make sure that gamers can easily pick up and play Star Fox Zero without any problems or confusing controls to master. The game will have simplified controls where the left analog allows players to control the Arwing's movement, while the right analog will modify the Arwing's speed, thrust and mobility.

Only one button controls the Arwing's cannons. Holding down the fire button will unleash a charged shot that works as an AOE attack against enemies.

There's also various transformations and vehicle types that players will have at their disposal. Very similar to the Star Fox game on the N64, there is a ground-based tank that can also transform into an aerial vehicle, there's the Arwing that can transform into a ground walker, and there's a Gyrowing that works a little like a drone vehicle. Each of the three vehicles and their accompanying transformations can be used in any stage. It's a bit different from the previous Star Fox titles where in the single-player mode the vehicles were designated to the stages. Allowing players to pick and choose opens up the replay factors as now players will be inclined to play stages over again with different vehicle types.

Some of the levels are also designed to take advantage of the Wii U's hardware capabilities. Instead of just being linear, arcade-style levels where players fly from one end to the next, some of the stages have a more open-ended design. There are options to stop, ride or fly around in an area and explore a bit. The levels now have arena-style designs a little similar to some of the larger and more open Panzer Dragoon stages.

Destruction and stage deconstruction also return, enabling players to blow things up, blow them apart and completely dismantle them.

Nevertheless, some fans haven't been very impressed with what they saw in the trailer and feel the graphics and gameplay are a bit outdated. However, it's hard to gauge the game right now given that it's not due for release until holiday 2015.

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