Star Trek Launch Trailer Faces The Gorn

This week Digital Extremes' Star Trek video game will arrive worldwide. The launch trailer provides a look at Kirk and Spock's all-new, canon adventure.

The video game takes place after the 2009 reboot film of Star Trek. The Vulcans have found a new planet to resettle on. However, the powerful Helios device they're using to establish the colony is coveted by the Gorn. The Gorn steal the device in hopes of using it to conquer the galaxy.

Players take on the role of Kirk and Spock in the game. Each possesses distinct abilities and weapons to use in firefights. The shooter segments will be supplemented by space battle and skydive/spacedive scenes.

Licensed video games deserve skepticism. There are too many terrible games out there based on popular films or television shows. Digital Extremes (Dark Sector, Pariah) doesn't have the best track record, either. Hopefully this Star Trek game bucks the trend but I'd wait to see some reviews before you make a purchase.

Star Trek will hit North America on April 23rd and Europe on the 26th.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.