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There have been a couple of big changes made to the final release of Star Wars: Battlefront following the game's beta that took place this past October. The Heroes and Villains have been re-balanced, along with vehicle power-ups, weak points in AT-ATs and AT-STs and bullet drop on the Cycler rifle.

The details were laid bare over on EA's Star Wars website where they explained that players will now be able to link up with friends using the friends system from the respective console. So if you party up outside the game you will be able to see your friends in Star Wars: Battlefront as green dots when you're out on the battlefield.

They removed partner-spawning, so you can no longer spawn on the location of your in-game partner. I didn't really understand this all that much and most times if you spawned on a partner running headlong into a firefight it only resulted in you spawning into gunfire. Additionally, they've spaced out the spawn points for the Rebels and Imperial forces. One of the biggest problems in the beta was that the game really did favor spawn camping, which was a huge drawback to the overall balance of the gameplay, especially when someone could just hop into a turret and lay waste to everyone coming out of the spawn point.

Speaking of gunfire, DICE have altered the bullet drop on the Cycler rifle so that players will have to use more skill in landing kill-shots in the game.

They've also tweaked the power-up drops and Star Cards in Star Wars: Battlefront, but they didn't explicitly say how. I imagine there will be more vehicle pick-ups maybe? The fact that you can't land the vehicles and pick up teammates is still just a really unfortunate that it isn't in the game. The multi-crew vehicles really did add a lot to the game because if you were in the LA-AT with a full crew it could be as helpful as it was a hindrance since a well timed rocket could blow you and a bunch of teammates out of the sky. Alternatively, a successful transport to an enemy's base could net you an easy command post victory. There was a lot of risk and reward gameplay in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 that's completely removed with the lack of multi-crew vehicles.

Nevertheless, Star Wars: Battlefront community manager Mathew Everett makes it known that DICE have decided to make the vehicles less “invincible”. They are putting back in weak points that were present in Pandemic's Battlefront games, where a well-timed shot to a specific weak point drastically took down the life of the vehicle.

They really want the weapons to be “balanced” in the game so we'll see how that turns out when the game launches this week.

And finally, they've altered the Heroes and Villains in the game: they no longer automatically lose life after spawning into the map. This means that you won't die instantly when playing as Vader as he slowly makes his way across the map. The flip-side to this is that you no longer gain life when killing enemies when playing as a Hero/Villain. I think that's a fair trade-off and could encourage some smart play tactics from players who do get their hands on a Hero/Villain.

Star Wars: Battlefront is due for release on November 17th, this Tuesday, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
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