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It seems like a lot of people are playing Star Wars Battlefront these days, but that figure is lower than expected, according to recent comments from a GameStop executive. EA’s own Peter Moore has responded, however, saying that the game is right on target to hit its expected 13 million units sold by the end of the fiscal year.

We’re not sure what kind of expectations GameStops’ Tony Bartel had for Star Wars Battlefront following its Nov. 20 launch, but apparently they were pretty lofty. Sure, it’s a Star Wars game releasing just before Black Friday, but we have to wonder what Bartel was anticipating following some recent comments he made about the game.

Eurogamer is reporting that Bartel put the game on blast earlier this week, though he didn’t provide anything concrete (such as sales figures) to back up his comments.
We’re not going to quantify it in terms of actual numbers, but we had high expectations that diminished somewhat as it got closer and it failed to hit those lower expectations.

We’re assuming this means that pre-order figures for Battlefront didn’t match up with what GameStop was expecting and, even then, actual sales in the first two weeks did not hit expectations. Again, we’re not positive on why Bartel said these things, only that he said them. EA’s Peter Moore is in the same boat, apparently, saying that he was pretty surprised to hear Bartel’s comments concerning Battlefront. He added that, as the discussion continued, Gamestop’s CFO began correcting Bartel on certain points.
There is no weakness that is perceptible yet in the title and I want everybody to understand that based on where we think this title is and based on the marketing beats ahead of us, in particular the movie launch over the next two weeks, we feel very comfortable we’re going to hit the guidance that we’ve given analysts, investors and Wall Street alike.
That “guidance” adds up to 13 million expected sales by the end of March 2016, so is sounds like everyone has some pretty high expectations for Battlefront at this point. Whether or not the game sold like gangbusters at GameStop, though, apparently remains a topic for debate.

Moore has some good points, though. Not knowing how well the game sold over the big shopping weekend, there is that little Star Wars movie coming out in a couple of weeks and plenty of shopping days left between now and the holidays. There’s also that big post-holiday window, where folks are often spending that money they got in a card from the grandparents on games they didn’t get under the tree.

After all of this, it’ll be interesting to see where Battlefront sits on the sales charts come April.