Electronic Arts and DICE are still rolling out free updates for Star Wars: Battlefront, with the latest update arriving just ahead of the game's first major paid-for DLC expansion, which is set within the confines Jabba's palace in Tatooine. The March update adds new maps to the rotation for various game types.

Gamespot did a quick write-up on the news, detailing how the Rebel Depot map has been added to the Tatooine line-up for Survival Missions. The March update for Star Wars: Battlefront also adds the Walker Assault, Supremacy and the Turning Point modes to the Survivors of Endor map, so you get a little extra playability out of the maps in the game.

It's interesting because in the older Star Wars: Battlefront games all of the maps and their modes were available for play right from the start. It's interesting that to get gamers to feel as if they're getting something out of the experience EA and DICE are slowly adding new game types to the maps in the game as opposed to just making all the game types available to customers from the start.

Nevertheless, the March update is a precursor for the first major expansion for Star Wars: Battlefront, which is also scheduled to launch sometime this spring. According to an older update on the official website they indicated that the March content and the first expansion called Outer Rim would be arriving soon.

The digital expansion will bring in all new content to the game, including brand new maps, several new weapons, and a couple of playable heroes. They also plan on introducing a new game mode to the title, but as pointed out by Gamespot we don't actually know what the new mode actually is.

One thing they do point out about the Outer Rim expansion is that two of the maps will take place in very different locations. One of the maps is set at the factories of Sullust, but they don't say if this is an aerial map or something set on the ground. Another map will see players taking the fight to Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine. This map was originally in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, so it will be interesting to see how the map has changed and what upgrades they'll apply to the eighth-gen rendition of the popular Star Wars location.

Following the Outer Rim expansion, there will be three more expansions released for Battlefront throughout 2016 and heading into 2017. This includes the Bespin update, which will undoubtedly take players to Cloud City, the flying mining city that was featured in the films – the Bespin update is set to launch sometime in the summer of this year, with Gamespot speculating between June and August. They also remind gamers that the Death Star expansion is also on the way, coming some time between September and November of this year. Details on the final expansion are still sketchy but it's expected to round out 2016 as EA and DICE head into 2017.

Star Wars: Battlefront's March update is available right now and you can look for the Outer Rim expansion to go live sometime soon.
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