Oh this is big news (sort of). Electronic Arts has apparently been gearing up for a big E3 this year, prepping to showcase some amazing new titles for console and PC gamers, one of which will be the highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront from DICE.

Gaming Everything picked up word from a post on Neogaf where a user listened in on E3's recent investor's conference call, to which the status of Battlefront was called into question and EA responded with the following...
"Battlefront coming along very well, Frostbite 3 has meant team can iterate and drive innovation with high quality. Plan to show more of it at E3 this year, but lots of work to go"

That's a very nice thing to know.

I don't think I'm at all as excited as I should be, and maybe it's because with EA's two-time run as the Worst Company in America when it comes to consumer products, it just dampens my expectations from whatever it is they're working on. I usually fall victim to the hype and excitement from the typical AAA, blockbuster-style trailer and then find myself debating if the game is worth the price of admission at the cost of day-one DLC, on-disc DLC or one game mode after another being crippled to the requirement of microtransactions to access or unlock the “full game”.

Instead of thinking, “Oh man, how cool will Battlefront be utilizing Frostbite 3's physics-based destructive calculations and vehicular combat systems?” I'm thinking, “I wonder how much it'll cost me to buy the whole game with two-years worth of DLC rolled out for it?”

It's an uncomfortable feeling because E3 brings with it all the necessary hype and excitement we could want for a game – as well as plenty of reasons to be excited for the future of hardcore gaming. However, those feelings can easily be truncated of their full potential when you have looming questions of DRM floating overhead, or worries about how badly one of your popular brands will be laced with microtransactions.

It seems like a Debbie Downer position to take, but we're talking about EA here, folks.

I mean, we're six months removed from the launch of Battlefield 4 and we still have large amounts of gamers dealing with the game's countless bugs, which keep the play experience about as broken as the American political system for getting anything done that actually helps the common folk. Heck, just check out the daily postings of complaints over on the Battlefield 4 sub-reddit.

I worry that Star Wars: Battlefront could suffer a similar fate due to shareholder crunch-times and profit margins interfering with the game's core design. I have no qualms with Battlefront being in the hands of DICE, as they're the perfect team to handle such a large-scale task, but it's EA's antics that puts the fear of crunch-time in my heart. That's not to mention all the lawsuits EA racked up over that Battlefield 4 stunt.

Nevertheless, we'll at least get to see what progress the team has made on Star Wars: Battlefront, running on the new and improved Frostbite 3 engine, at E3 this June.

Get the full details on the E3 premieres by checking out Gaming Blend's E3 schedule.
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