Earlier today, BioWare released Update 1.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic. To celebrate the arrival of this major content patch, they're offering bonuses to both old and new players.

For starters, they're giving out a free Tauntaun Ram pet to everyone with an active account. If you've purchased the game and either signed up for a subscription or used a game time code by today, you'll get the Ram. New players will have until April 21st to sign up and receive the pet.

All players with an active subscription and a level 50 character as of today will also get 30 days of game time. This is meant as a reward to veterans of the game. The cynical side of me believes it helps inflate their subscriber numbers a bit, too.

If you stopped playing Old Republic, BioWare wants you to come back and try the new content in 1.2. Any former subscriber who wasn't banned from the game will be able to play for free from April 13th to 19th. If you reactive by April 21st, you'll be eligible for the Tauntaun pet as well.

Update 1.2 introduces a Legacy system with exclusive in-game rewards. It also adds a new Flashpoint, Warzone, and Operation. This is the second content patch for the game since it launched in December.

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