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There's a lot of StarCraft II previews and interviews floating around the Interwebz this morning. In at least one of these interviews, Blizzard commented on the possibility of StarCraft II coming to consoles.

Blizzard VP of Game Design Rob Pardo told IncGamers that there was a "zero percent" chance that the PC real-time strategy game would be ported to consoles. Generally developers and publishers dodge questions like that by simply stating "We've only announced it for x system." Pardo sounds pretty confident, though. "In our opinion we just don't feel like we will deliver the type of RTS game that we've been creating [on consoles]."

Pardo noted that the first StarCraft was ported to the Nintendo 64 two years after its initial PC release. They felt it didn't measure up to the original version, though. "It works, it's playable, it's just such a different playability gameplay experience than on PC and we really don't want to have it be that different."

Blizzard's disinterest in consoles doesn't extend to all of their games, though. At BlizzCon 2008, Blizzard President Mike Morhaime noted that Blizzard's other big sequel, Diablo 3, could "work very well on consoles."