There are a few main bosses in Starbound that open up the starmap sectors for further travel into the outer reaches of space. There's a final zone beyond the alpha, beta, gamma and delta sectors known as the 'X' zone, but most of all the tech you'll need to progress throughout the game can be found in the alpha, beta and gamma sectors.

For players who find themselves getting stuck – and it's not hard given that the game is still in Early Access and quests and in-game guides are limited right now – it's pretty easy to get out of the rut by following a few steps to unlock and face down against the main bosses in the game.

Dreadwing The Penguin: Unlocks Beta Sector
This one is pretty easy, as the game's first main quest leads up to unlocking and facing down against the penguin in the flying saucer. You just need to build a distress beacon satellite and activate it to bring the wrath of Dreadwing down upon you. Building the satellite is pretty easy, you just need some silver, iron, copper, wood planks and a few pixel currency.

If you follow the main quest line you should be able to unlock the distress beacon within minutes (assuming you can get your hands on some iron). From there, you signal Dreadwing and when you defeat him you'll unlock the necessary means to travel to the beta sector. The best way to fight him is – if possible – from an NPC village where they'll help you bring down the flying saucer.

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