State of Decay developer Undead Labs announced their next game today. No, it's not an open-world zombie game. Instead, it's a Pokemon-like RPG called Moonrise.

Moonrise takes place in a fantasy world filled with peaceful creatures called Solari. The titular Moonrise is a shadowy force that sweeps across the land periodically to corrupt these Solari. The corrupted creatures, known as Lunari, go on a rampage until the Moonrise is over.

The Moonrises were once a rare event. However, now they're becoming longer and more frequent. It's going to take a hero to put them in their place. How about [points through computer monitor] you?

"Now it’s time for you to set off on an epic adventure to protect your world and fulfill your destiny to become a master Warden," says the official website for the game. "Journey to the far reaches of the world, discovering ancient ruins and braving the untamed wildlands as you search for fierce Lunari to cleanse them of the corrupting effect of the Moonrise."

Players will collect hundreds of unique creatures and utilize them in real-time battles. The game offers "full customization" for both the Solari and Wardens. Multiplayer showdowns are a big part of the experience as well.

Moonrise will available "initially" on iOS and Android devices. Maybe it'll spread beyond mobile devices in time as well. The game's worldwide launch is expected in early 2015, but you'll have chances to play it before hand. Undead Labs will bring the game to PAX Prime 2014 at the end of this month. They're also planning a beta for the fall.

"Like everyone at the Lab, I’m intensely excited about Moonrise," said Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain on the company bog. "It’s a game that embodies the same passion and spirit we poured into our first game, State of Decay. But alongside that excitement, I’m also very aware that this is a surprise to everyone who has been following the Lab for the last few years. What does it mean for us to be releasing a game that isn’t State of Decay?"

That's not to say that Undead Lab isn't working on more State of Decay. The studio signed a multi-game, multi-year agreement with Microsoft in January. The two companies are intent on making SoD into a major franchise. The next step could be an MMO.

While I'm more excited at the prospect of a State of Decay MMO, Moonrise does look fun as well. Pokemon is as good of a template for an multiplayer RPG as any.

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