PC gamers will soon be able to try out the open-world zombie game State of Decay for themselves. Developer Undead Labs says that the game's debut on that platform could come in a matter of weeks.

Undead plans to release State of Decay through Steam Early Access. Players will be able to purchase the unfinished version of the game and give feedback to the developers as they continue to polish it. Early Access buyers will then get the release build for no additional charge whenever it's avialable.

"We will be launching the controller-only version on Steam as part of their Early Access thing in a couple weeks or so - please note that I can't control the exact date, and I don't have one to give you," Undead said on their forums.

The studio announced in July that the PC version will have higher resolution visuals than its Xbox Live Arcade counterpart. Expect better framerates as well. Though the game will only be playable on gamepad when it first hits Steam Early Access, Undead will introduce mouse and keyboard support before the end of the year.

Undead hasn't forgotten about the XBLA version of State of Decay, either. They're still working on the Sandbox mode DLC for that platform. The Sandbox mode allows players to freely explore the game world without story missions. Once they've picked Trumbull Valley Clean of supplies, they can reset the world to encounter more difficult enemies.

The Sandbox mode is still in testing with no release date announced yet. However, Undead says it should arrive between State of Decay's debut on Steam Early Access and its official release on PC.

State of Decay takes place during a zombie apocalypse. As one of the human survivors, players must establish a safe haven from the undead. They must then do whatever it takes to keep this base going: forage for supplies, recruit other survivors, and occasionally take the fight to the zombies.

The game's Xbox 360 version sold half a million copies in its first week, making it the fast-selling original title ever released through Xbox Live Arcade. Undead says that the strong sales of the game are leading to new opportunities for the studio in addition to the PC port.

"Discussions of future games are ongoing. As in, going on now. Thank you all from the bottom of all of our hearts here at the Lab for making SoD a success, or these conversations wouldn't be happening!"

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