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If you're hungry for additional assets on WWE 13, THQ has decided to feed you a morsel. They've released one new screenshot that shows a fight between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In the image, Stone Cold Austin has CM Punk in a Belgian Knee Hold and is performing Tokyo Hand Strike to his solar plexus. Actually, no, wait - he's just sitting on top of Punk and punching him in the face. That sounds a lot less cool, though.

WWE 13 features a Story Mode that focuses on the Attitude Era. Players will be able to experience the golden years of the WWE (then the WWF), when Stone Cold Austin, D-Generation X, The Rock and others reigned supreme. The game will still offer up plenty of modern-day wrestlers like CM Punk for those of you not feeling nostalgic.

THQ plans to release WWE 13 on October 30th here in North America. The Australian and European launches will occur on November 1st and 2nd, respectively.

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