This week’s PlayStation Plus update sees two games being added to the Instant Game Collection, giving subscribers the chance to bend gravity and kick space pirate butt in Rochard, as well as prove how down right fierce (see what I did there?) they can be in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

With titles like Virtua Fighter 5 and The King of Fighters XIII being added to the Plus lineup earlier this year, members are getting a pretty healthy portion of fighters in their gaming diet these days. When the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow afternoon, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, better known by fans as the ultimate version of the game, will be the latest punchtastic brawler to be added to the mix. Featuring a massive roster with four brand new characters, multiple game modes and online competition, SSFIV: AE should be a nice addition to the game collection of anyone looking to take out their aggression on beautifully illustrated pugilists from around the world.

Joining the world’s warriors will be the out-of-this-world platforming/physics-based puzzling antics of titular space trucker, Rochard. One of my favorite hidden gems of last year, Rochard features loads of polish, great side-scrolling gameplay, lots of baddies to shoot and nifty puzzles that rely on gravity manipulation to complete.

For additional details on this week’s Plus update, be sure to drop by the PlayStation Blog. Otherwise, all of you subscribers out there can download both of these great games as soon as the PS3’s store update goes live tomorrow afternoon.

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