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Capcom announced today that one of the many, many, many…many, iterations of Street Fighter is now available, again. This time it’s a remake of the arcade fan-favorite, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, focusing most of its new content on competitive, online multiplayer action. The new Online Edition is currently available via digital download for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Now a lot of people are wondering why this game is even getting a re-release after being on the market for so long. But Capcom wanted to treat fans to something special, with the press release stating that…
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition will be the first pure fighting game to use GGPO-netcode – an often fan-requested feature. This online functionality allows for smooth pixel-perfect arcade play against online adversaries. In addition to facing off against friends online, players will be able to watch local and global match replays in-game as well as immediately upload replays directly to YouTube to share with the rest of the world. Gamers can have up to seven friends join them in the “Watch With Friends” in-game channel where they can search for and view specific matches that they can discuss together.

That’s a pretty cool list of features there, the only thing is that I don’t get is why Street Fighter III? I mean, did Capcom already milk Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha to the point where they had to move on to the 101st iteration of Street Fighter III?

Anyway, even if you aren’t into Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, Capcom also has another version of Street Fighter IV in the works (yes, another one) called Street Fighter IV: Volt. If you would rather spare yourself the agony of finding out what’s new with the seemingly endless supply of Street Fighter IV games, you can settle for purchasing Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition for only 1200 MS Points or for $14.99 on the PS Store. For those of you who may not feel like beating the full arcade game with each character, you can purchase the final boss, Gill, along with the dip switch mechanic for an additional 80 MS Points or $0.99 from the PS Store *cough*wallet rape*cough*. Need more info? Feel free to visit the Official Website.