Ever wondered what an ARPG would be like if they didn't use canned, pre-cooked, hand-animated or motion-captured animations and movements, but instead used physics-based, weight-distributed combat movements? Well, one company decided to pursue that very thing with Sui Generis, an ARPG with Diablo-style hack-and-slash action using procedural combat movements.

The game is currently looking for additional funding via Kickstarter, and they have a goal of about £150,000.

Bare Mettle Entertainment's Sui Generis looks pretty good, especially that giant with the flail going around blasting things to pieces. Check it out in the Kickstarter video below.

I'm sure the first thing that comes to most people's minds is: Why aren't any AAA studios doing any of this?

Good question.

The reality is that AAA studios don't care about making innovative or creative games. They just care about making money.

Anyway, Sui Generis, StarForge and 0x10c are games that actually aim to push boundaries and open up creative opportunities for interactive entertainment. I don't know if Sui Generis will be able to hit its goals in just 23 days but I really hope it does. You can learn more about the project or donate some money to the cause by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.

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