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If you’re looking for a new four-player cooperative experience on your PlayStation 4 and enjoy raiding oodles of dungeons in order to slay an untold number of monsters, then you’ll want to check out Super Dungeon Bros, the latest indie title to be announced for Sony’s home console.

Coming from Wired Productions, the folks behind the Tiny Troopers series, Last Inua and Let’s Fish: Hooked On, Super Dungeon Bros. looks to be what you would get if you tried to move a game like Castle Crashers into the third dimension. In other words, all sorts of wild, colorful antics, but with Diablo-esque exploration and abilities that draw on the strength of your companions.

Announced this week amidst all of the GDC excitement, Wired Productions is partnering up with React! Games this time around to bring their latest offering to the PlayStation 4. Described as a “rock-themed, co-op dungeon brawler,” Super Dungeon Bros. was named the winner of the Best Social Game Award during Game Connection Europe last year. Translation: You should have a blast playing this one with your friends.

Set in the realm of Rokheim, the dungeon in SDB is a dynamic, ever-changing wonderland of traps and enemies, meaning you’ll have to rely on your teammates, as well as your own sharp eyes and reflexes, if you hope to survive. As an added bonus, SDB for PS4 will offer cross-play support with the PC, meaning you and your friends can team up even if everyone doesn’t own a PS4 of their own.

“There will also be a totally awesome single player campaign, so bros can rock it out on their own, although we’d much rather you rock it out with other bros,” reads a statement from Wired Productions’ Adam McGowan. “We’re also creating specific daily and weekly challenges, as well as dedicated leaderboards.”

That last bit should come as welcome news for you more competitive types in the audience.

Other than the announcement trailer and a handful of screenshots, though, we don’t have much more information about the game. Will there be modes outside of single and standard multiplayer, like maybe a competitive throwdown or an arena? What types of abilities do those color-coordinated bros unleash? What types of enemies outside of skeletons can we expect? Is the entire theme one massive dungeon or will we be visiting other realms? How’s about a price point or release date?

Of course, all of that is asking quite a bit for a game that’s just been announced. Adam McGowan promises more details will be made available as the game gets closer to launch, so look for that info in the weeks or months ahead. In the meantime, for those of you looking for four-player fun on the PS4, might I recommend Starwhal, Sports Friends or TowerFall? You can’t really go wrong with either of those.
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