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Super Mario Galaxy Creates Reason To Blow Dust Off Wii

Now, while I’ve certainly had my fun bashing the PS3, I’ve had even MORE fun bashing the Nintendo Wii, which has consistently made me wonder why I got so damn excited about Wii Sports in the first place. You and I both know that the system hasn’t had a good game since Twilight Princess (ed note: Paper Mario, FTW), and the company has teased gamers for awhile now with their next big first party titles that wouldn’t be coming out for months. (And first party games are honestly all the system has to offer—and please don’t send me any lists of third party games that are already out but suck. I know those games already and they blow).

But now, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year is coming out tomorrow, and gosh dernit, I’m actually super psyched to do some Wii-mote twirling again.

Super Mario Galaxy, that globe trotting adventure that sees Mario jettisoning to distant planets all in the quest to recover those precious, precious stars, looks like a real gem of a game that harkens back to Super Mario Bros. 3 if anything. Its huge quest, outfit changing ensemble, and all around colorful gameplay already makes me crave the thrill of what it was like to be a kid again with nothing to do on a Friday night but play a Mario game and eat Tombstone pizza on the floor.

Super Mario Sunshine, which was good, but basically just Mario 64 with a water gun). The whole shift in gravity affects Mario’s very own sense of jumping, and if you know Mario, then you’ll know how much the art of the jump has played a part in the series since, jeez, Donkey Kong! (And if you’ll recall, Mario was actually aptly called, Jumpman back then).

Also of awesomeness is how immense the game is claimed to be. Sure, you have to collect 120 stars again (What else is new?), but unlike Mario’s past 3D adventures, Luigi is actually in this game, too. That’s right, beat Bowser with Mario and prepare for an all new quest of “Your Princess is in another castle,” with the slimmer, trimmer brother.

Honestly, I haven’t been this excited about a game since Eternal Darkness, and I was REALLY excited about that game (and it delivered on all fronts).

Pick it up tomorrow if you can. I hear some retailers are actually pushing it back the to 14th. Bastards.

Rich Knight

Lover of Avatar (The Last Airbender, not the blue people), video games, and anything 90s, he will talk your ear off about Godzilla, so don't get him started.