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Nintendo revealed today that Super Mario Maker will be getting a major update in a matter of days. This free patch, scheduled for November 4th, will introduce a few features to make your platforming and building experience smoother.

One major flaw of Super Mario Maker right now is the lack of checkpoints. This patch will fix that. You can add a checkpoint flag by shaking an Arrow button somewhere on the screen. When the player dies, they'll then start back at this flag. However, you have to complete the rest of the level past this checkpoint to be able to upload it. This will prevent trolls from putting a checkpoint right on top of spikes or a pool of lava.

Builders will also be able to create a conditional power-up with this update. If you place a Super Mushroom on top of a Fire Flower, the power-up you receive will determine on your current state. Small Mario will get a Super Mushroom while Super Mario will get a Fire Flower.

Minigame Gnat Attack also received a new wrinkle. As usual, you can start the minigame by shaking a Muncher. However, if you shake it repeatedly, eventually the giant bug Watinga will appear. You'll then be taken to a harder version of Gnat Attack with flying bombs. These bombs will flash red and blow up if left alone. If you don't kill them in time, they'll chip away at the countdown.

If you're tired of the uneven quality of player's levels, you can find relief in an "Official" tab in the "Makers" section. There you'll find a collection of levels built by the development team at Nintendo. Sticking to those courses should help you avoid another rick-rolling.

Periodically Nintendo will also introduce limited-time courses on special occasions. Presumably this is how they'll celebrate the holidays. These levels can be found through an "Event Courses" button.

Super Mario Maker was released on Wii U this September. The game allows players to create their own side-scrolling levels using elements from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U. They can then share these creations online. By completing others' levels, players can earn the right to upload more of their creations.

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