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A new trailer has been released for PlayStation Vita exclusive, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz, teasing several of the game's features, as well as a newly announced launch date of Oct. 23.

Sega Associate Community Manager Julian Mehlfeld made everything official via a post on the PlayStation Blog, touting the game for its use of the Vita's multiple input methods.

In Super Monkey Ball, players tilt the world to guide a monkey in a -wait for it- ball to the finish line. Banana Splitz will play the same, but with a few additional tweaks. For starters, players can abandon the analog sticks and control the game using the Vita's tilt functions instead. Splitz will also feature local and online multiplayer, minigames, eight modes of play and a stage creator.

Taking the game online for the first time will be nifty, but I'm most excited for that new create-a-stage mode, which gives players the ability to take a picture of anything in the real world and have Splitz map a world around it.

The announcement video features loads of tilting gameplay and a song so bright and cheery it almost hurts, but some of the most important information comes from Mehlfeld himself, who promises a gentler difficulty curve to ease newcomers into the game, as well as a higher degree of challenge in the later levels.

Super Monkey Ball has always been built on the premise of accessibility and challenging gameplay—easy to pick up, difficult to master,” Mehlfeld said.

But enough jibba-jabba from me. Check out the new trailer below.

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