Two new trailers were released for Sony and Banpresto's upcoming turn-based, mecha-robot strategy game, Dai-2 Ji Super Robot Taisen OG. The game is the newest in the long running Super Robot Taisen series that garnered so much popularity during the SNES era, as well as on portable devices, which carried through up until this very day.

The series became popular due to the anime approach to the combat in the game. For instance, as you'll see in the videos below, the special moves and super abilities are all performed in a dynamic and over-the-top fashion, giving gamers some super sexy battle sequences to witness while strategically trying to out maneuver and out fight opponents. Check out the beautifully hand-animated, turn-based RPG below, courtesy of

I love how in the special collector's edition you get that fan-service art book...even with giant mecha robots the Japanese find a way to squeeze some titties in there. Oh Japan.

The games are set for release on November 19th, exclusively for the PlayStation 3 over in Japan. If you're into the import scene it could easily be a game worth picking up, especially since it comes with the animes on Blu-ray.

It's highly unlikely we'll see a North American port anytime soon (if at all) but for those of you who would like a more animated and over-the-top mech game similar to the original Front Mission, then Super Robot Taisen OG may not be a bad way to go. You can attempt to learn more over at the Official Japanese Website.

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