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[Updated] The Games Company, known for mild hits such as Darkest of Days and Greed Corp, has unfortunately bit the dust. More accurately, TGC has went into insolvency and the internal development team was purchased and added to Kalypso Media’s newest studio. Kalypso announced that during the insolvency they purchased up a few of TGC’s projects, including the action-RPG Demonicon.

The 17 former members from TGC’s internal development group was formed into Noumena Studios under the Kalypso Media label. André Schmitz of Noumena Studios commented about the insolvency and intellectual property acquisition by Kalypso, saying…
"After a turbulent insolvency, we are very pleased to have Kalypso as a key investor and partner," …. "We are happy that Kalypso will retain the core team - as they did with the creation of Gaming Minds Studios after purchasing Ascaron's assets. Kalypso has also shown that long-term positive cooperation and stable growth are high priorities for them.”

It’s really sad that such a promising indie studio such as The Games Company dissolved in the way that it did, becoming yet another product of corporate prostitution. Hopefully, unlike EA, Kalypso will forfeit the “bottom line” in favor of maintaining some form of freedom for the team’s creative integrity. If not for the sake of respecting what TGC accomplished within their short time in the industry at least for the sake of an industry that’s become overwrought with annual drivel and marketing-driven drudge. I don’t think I need to name the two big names that fit the bill but you all know who I’m talking about.

You can learn more about the projects that Kalypso will be publishing from the former TGC line-up and learn more about the new Noumena studios by visiting the Official Website.

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