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At their TGS booth, Konami gave the world a first glimpse at their first next-gen Castlevania game for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Unfortunately, it's a teaser trailer.

The teaser shows a moon and a brief shot of a man who appears to be Alucard, the fan favorite half-vampire. No Dracula, no gameplay, no hints on the story, nothing. They haven't even stated if it's a downloadable game or a full retail release, and don't even think about a release date.

Well, scratch that, I'll bet five dollars that this comes out next October, like just about every Castlevania game for the past couple of years, Castlevania: Judgement notwithstanding. I'm also holding out hope that this is a true sequel to Symphony of the Night and that it's also a 2D side-scroller. Ahh, to have such dreams is glorious.