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If a movie or a television show has enough appeal for Execs to find some way to capitalize on the product in other mediums then you can bet your bottom dollar that they will. The sub-par reality TV show, Wipeout, on ABC is being turned into a (sub-par) game for the Wii and Nintendo DS this summer thanks to Activision.

According to David Oxford, Activision Publishing…
“Watching ABC’s Wipeout every week on TV is outrageous fun, and viewers can't help but dream of trying the obstacles themselves,” … “We designed the video game with this in mind. Wipeout: The Game brings all of the challenge and laugh-out-loud hilarity, without the pain.”

The game will sport the exact same commentators from the show, all the running, jumping and dodging from the show as well as multiplayer modes with up to four players allowing for gamers to hurl objects at one another.

Mia Rondinella, Vice President of Business Planning & Development, ABC Entertainment Group commented in the press release, saying…
“Wipeout: The Game will provide fans with their own chance to run the obstacles, take on the Big Red Balls and challenge family and friends - all while the hosts provide a fun-filled color commentary.”

In other words, this will be another casual game catastrophe that may or may not make enough money for Activision to break even. Even so, gamers who are remotely interested can visit the Official Activision Website to learn more about the game. Wipeout: The Game is due out this summer for the DS and Wii.

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