During the Xbox One reveal last week on May 21st, Activision and Microsoft had an exclusive clip from Call of Duty: Ghosts, in the clip gamers were treated to a new K9 companion who responds to Kinect 2.0 commands. The dog will be a centerpiece of the game. Well, another company is trying the same thing...except they're using a snowman.

Serellan is working on a lo-fi first-person shooter called Takedown: Red Sabre. It was Kickstarted to the moderate tune of $221,833. The game features a realistic take on the modern-day military shooter but with a twist: there is no whole scripted, Hollywood Blockbuster motif underlying the play experience. It's all straight laced and straightforward.

What makes this news so funny -- courtesy of Dualschockers -- is that Serellan's hilarious take on the whole “sentimental pet attachment” that will be used as a red shirt for the heavily scripted yet highly anticipated Hollywood-style shooter, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

I am wondering how Activision will handle the dog's death in the game that won't result in PETA coming down on them like a woman scorned? It might be something subtle, where the dog runs into a burning building to rescue someone and doesn't come out...but knowing that this is Call of Duty and there's nothing subtle about the series, I'd opt to believe that the dog gets kicked, cut, stabbed and shot before getting the final curtain call.

If the spoof on Ghost Dog has you interested in learning more about Takedown, feel free to visit the Official Website.

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