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Team Fortress 2 Heavy Weapons Xbox 360/PS3 Trailer

Cute, fun, and she’s got a sense of humor! This baby’s got it all! This video just further cements my deep seated felings that Team Fortress 2 is going to be amazing. Not good. Amazing. Which is weird because they don’t actually show any gameplay. This is just one of those things that just proves how much the developer loves this project.

Team Fortress was basically the granddaddy of objective-based online PC gaming. It sucked gamers in with its incredibly addicting blend of action and strategy. Now later this year (hopefully) the next iteration is looking to advance the genre as drastically as did the first game.

Also, as a quick aside: I don’t care what anybody says about how Valve has gone “kiddy” with the new art style. These visuals are wonderful. I wont say beautiful and I wont say amazing, but wonderful pretty much sums it up. I’m so sick of the ultra realistic commando b******* that the cel-shaded cartoony attitude is an incredibly welcome breath of fresh air; the whole thing gives off this very Warner Bros-esque vibe.