Every time Namco Bandai releases a new trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 it's easy to think "Wow, this game has a ton of stuff, a new trailer can't possibly show us anything more." and yet, every time a new trailer surfaces it sports a crap-ton of new and expanded features, just like the new SDCC trailer.

So even though you already knew there were a lot of stages, pugilists and game modes, did you know about the online replay system? A mode that lets you spot out the best-of-the-best matches from the top ranked players around the world. There's also a new online match-making system so it'll also find someone within your skill-level and fighting capability to pair you up with. That's also not to mention the new Fight Lab mode, which seems interesting, to say the least.

Check out even more of the content that will be featured in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with the new trailer below.

I'm pretty excited about this game since it's the one mainstream fighting game this year that has to redeem itself from the catastrophe that was Street Fighter X Tekken. The terrible part about the whole scenario is that Capcom just had to release an honest game and it would have gone down in history as one of the very best crossovers ever released. Instead, they had to pull the DLC shenanigans and now the game has gone down in history as Capcom's piss-poor attempt to peddle disc-locked content to the masses.

Back over in the Tekken camp, you get 50 plus characters, countless customization options, unlockables, 50 cinematic endings, exciting and robust fighting arenas to help fuel the fight and give you plenty to gawk at, as well as an advertised pair-play function so players can play offline and online in tag-team battles.

You can learn more about Tekken Tag Tournament 2 by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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