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Feeling like your Tekken Tag Tournament 2 roster could use a little extra fleshing out? Still don't have the game because you were waiting on a discount or, say, have an aversion to physical media? Well, both of those dilemmas are being addressed today as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits PlayStation Network as a digital title and seven additional characters get added to everyone's roster.

For starters, I'm a big believer that digital games should cost less than their physical counterparts. The publisher doesn't have to worry about creating the physical product, there's no shipping charge, no haggling with the individual stores about shelf placement, nothing. Some of those savings should be passed on to the consumer, right?

Well that's exactly what's happening as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits the PlayStation Network during today's update, as the game will be marked down 10 bucks to $49.99.

For those who already have the game, you're not being forgotten in today's update, either. For starters, pre-order bonus characters Angel, Ancient Ogre, Kunimitsu and Michelle Chang will be made available for free to all players. If you happened to miss out on pre-ordering the game and enjoying these brawlers nice and early, now is your chance to take them out for a spin.

Finally, Namco Bandai Games Community Manager Rich Bantegui has announced via the PlayStation Blog that the final three timed unlock characters are being made available today, also free of charge. All you have to do is boot up the game and Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown and Violet will all be your to control.