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Namco Bandai issued a new trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Wii U version today. It shows off some of the exclusive features that this version will ship with.

Tag Tournament 2 will bring back the "Tekken Ball" mode from Tekken 3. Players try to kick or punch a ball into their opponent. Also, if a player hits the ball into the ground on his opponent's side of the ring, the opponent will take damage.

The trailer also shows off the various Nintendo-themed costumes that characters can wear in the Wii U edition. Fighters can dress up like Mario, Bowser, Star Fox and other iconic characters. Namco previously revealed a Mario-themed Mushroom Battle mode for the game as well. All in all, this game should be a goofy time.

Namco Bandai will release Tag Tournament 2 alongside the Wii U console. The game's already available for the PS3 and Xbox 360, albeit with fewer wacky outfits.