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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will launch alongside a new online service called World Tekken Federation. Namco Bandai revealed today that this service will be free of charge to all players.

World Tekken Federation, or WTF, is essentially a social network for Tag Tournament 2 players. You can track your statistics and see how you stack up against the rest of the world. You can also form teams with other players, allowing you to swap tips and earn points.

WTF sounds similar to Battlefield 3's Battlelog or Modern Warfare 3's Call of Duty Elite. The chief difference is that WTF doesn't have a paid component with any additional features. Perhaps Namco just hasn't announced said features yet.

"With Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the team is committed to providing an unparalleled fighting game experience and are proving our dedication to this effort by offering World Tekken Federation free of charge to everyone who buys a copy of the game,” said Carlson Choi, Namco Bandai's Vice President of Marketing. "Bringing together Tekken fans from around the globe in such a robust online community is a first for the fighting game genre and will give veterans and beginners a chance to develop their fighting skills in an exciting new way."

For a rundown on WTF and the game's online play, check out the video below.

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