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Square Enix is really taking the whole Final Fantasy XV branding thing to new heights. The company announced a ton of new information last night during the near two hour special that revealed the release date for the JRPG, also announcing a movie, an anime, and a new mobile game.

The mobile title is called Justice Monsters Five. It's a small pinball-style mini-game located throughout the Final Fantasy XV world. Players can head to various locations to play the arcade game, not unlike playing arcade games in titles like Grand Theft Auto V.

According to Gamespot, this mini-game within Square's upcoming open-world JRPG will be getting its own separate release on mobile devices.

The pinball-inspired title sees players blasting down monsters and attempting to get a high score while keeping the ball in play. The mobile version of the game has various artwork scrolling past for the background and a variety of challenges to overcome. It's a really simple game looking game but I get the feeling that it might go viral with just the right amount of nudging from Square Enix. There's a little bit of video from last night's event that gives you a glimpse of what the game looks like in action.

They don't reveal much about the app in the video description other than that it will feature some of the Final Fantasy franchise's most iconic monsters. The mobile app will be free to download but expect some form of micro-payments to be utilized for the title since it is free.

At the moment Square has opened up pre-registration for Justice Monsters Five for Android and iOS mobile devices. You can register for Android devices over on their pre-launch page or register for iOS devices over on their pre-launch page.

They don't say exactly when this mobile app is coming but they do mention that it will be “soon”. I suspect sometime by the summer or at least before spring ends. They definitely make it clear that the pinball-style battling game will launch well ahead of Final Fantasy XV, which is due to drop on September 30th.

As mentioned at the top of the article, Square has some big plans to make 2016 the year of Final Fantasy. They have a movie in the works starring Aaron Paul from Need for Speed and Breaking Bad, Lena Headey from Dredd and Game of Thrones, and Sean Bean from like either other drama, thriller or action movie you've ever seen. They also have an anime out and they have another demo planned for release featuring the protagonist, Noctis, as a child.

If you want to get in on the mobile game be sure to pre-register right now so that you'll be ripe and ready for when Justice Monsters Five launches. Following the release on iOS and Android devices the game will also be available for Windows 10 smart devices.