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A new set of Thief concept art was released by Nicolas Ferrand, one of the artists that contributed to the stealth game. This art shows various scenes from the City, the metropolis that serves as the central setting.

The City, seen in the previous three Thief games as well, is pure steampunk. It looks like Victorian era England but also features advanced technology such as electric lights and robotic sentries. The industrialization has led to a wide gap between the rich and the poor. The poor live in hastily constructed shanty towns.

In the new reboot of the series, the City's problems are just getting worse. A plague is spreading throughout the population. The city's ruler, the Baron, is a tyrant. Not that that's any concern to Garrett, the main character of the game. He spends his days robbing the city's wealthiest residents.

We'll see a whole lot more of Thief soon. Ferrand says that he made hundreds of art pieces during his time on the project that he'll share through his blog. The first full trailer, meanwhile, will be released by Eidos Montreal on April 2nd.