Thief has officially gone gold for old-gen consoles, new-gen consoles and PC. The official Sony PlayStation blog managed to get their hands on a new trailer to pimp the game for the PlayStation systems, and it's a pretty cool trailer to say the least.

Before getting to the details of the trailer, first and foremost it's worth noting that the game has gone gold, which means that the gold master disc has been printed and is being sent to manufacturers to produce copies ready for retail shelves. In other words, development is done and finished on the game and it's about ready for it to ship.

Now I have to be honest, the Thief games were never really my favorite. The early ones on PC were really hard and very ugly and it was just... it was hard to enjoy them. But, that doesn't mean those of us who weren't fans before can't become fans now.

The newest trailer that Eidos rolled out for the game is actually pretty slick, if I must say so myself. It details all the different ways that the game can be played. This includes storming in like ghetto Rambo, knocking down headshots like Jude Law in Enemy at the Gates.

You can also scale it back, take it easy, roll out some smooth-as-Barry-White's-voice stealth tactics to sneak around guards, outwit soldiers and ease past easy-eye observers to go to where you need to get to.

The diversity of the gameplay is what could be a huge shift in the way gamers interact with the AAA title. Then again, this is coming from the same studio that brought us one of the very best games of seventh gen gaming... Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The highlight of that title was, once again, the diversity of gameplay. Players were offered a ton of different ways to resolve scenarios, from going in guns-a-blazin' to stealthing it like Solid Snake, the open-ended environments and different setups that can be utilized to get around the stages really helped the game's replay value, as well as the feeling as if players were in control of the experience.

If Thief can keep that same level of engagement as Deus Ex, then Eidos (and Square Enix by association) will have a real winner on their hands.

Graphically, Thief looks pretty good. Although the game will be hard-locked at 30fps on the Xbox One and PS4, so if you're expecting the game to look as cinematically as engaging in actuality as it does in the trailer, you might be in for a rude awakening.

As for PC gamers... so long as you have the necessary requirements, it's likely the game will live up to the visual hype you see in the trailer above.

You can grab a copy of Thief at the end of the month for home consoles or PC starting February 25th.

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