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Sneaking around ancient buildings, hiding in the shadows, disarming guards and carefully picking locks in order to make away with some sweet, sweet loot. That's all in a day's work in the new action game Thief, which just so happens to be headlining this week's batch of new content on the PlayStation Network.

That's right, Thief is finally here, giving players the chance to take on the role of Garrett, a dude who has a serious problem with kleptomania. Coming to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Thief is the big release for the week on Sony's The Drop, joined by a rather large assortment of other action games, an RPG, arcade classics and a multiplayer battle title.

“This reimagining of the classic stealth series arrives on PlayStation with a dark and violent story steeped in intrigue,” said Sony Special Media Specialist Ryan Clements about the new take on Thief. “The alleyways of the city are plagued by disease, and Garrett has awoken from a strange slumber to face immense odds stacked against him. Move through the world in silence, or leave a trail of bodies; all can be yours, if you wish it.”

Thief won't be the only new release this week, however. The never-ending struggle between the Belmont clan and the prince of darkness, Dracula, continues this week with the launch of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on the PS3.

PS4 owners looking for a chance to relive the glory days of Bomberman in a dark and sinister setting can give Basement Crawl a look-see, while PSone Classic Herc's Adventure is sure to please fans of lighthearted action titles.

Magus brings dungeon-crawling action to the PS3 this week while Tales of Symphonia Chronicles continues the beloved RPG franchise on the same console. You'll also be able to play the pirate-themed Port Royal 3 Gold Edition on the PS3 this week, alongside Pac-Man Museum.

Finally, Mahjong World Contest brings the tile matching, zen-like puzzle game to the PlayStation Vita this week, meaning there a little something new for every Sony console starting tomorrow afternoon, Feb. 25.

While Sony felt that Thief deserved the limelight this week, I'm personally most excited for Lords of Shadow 2. I'm a huge fan of the Castlevania series and, after playing the original Lords of Shadow, I found myself in the camp of players who appreciated the game for having strong influences drawn from the original series while boldly heading in its own direction. Here's a quick look at what the new game has to offer.